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Jiji ST Math - Jiji

In addition to assigned games from your student’s teacher, he or she will always have access to the games already passed. Encourage your student to play those games from home to review concepts and practice skills he or she has learned in ST Math. Your student will access the program just as he or she does at school.

Please make sure only the student with the ST Math account plays the games. Your student is used to the ST Math method, which involves solving often complex puzzles. The games start at very simple levels, which gradually get more difficult. Students may get temporarily "stuck" at a level. This is normal, and the classroom teacher can monitor whether he or she is stuck for too long.

When they reach a learning hurdle, they should try to reason their way to a solution. The software gives constant instructive feedback to show why any answer is right or wrong. Your student should use this visual feedback to help figure out how to successfully solve the problems. Students should not be given the ‘right’ answer just to pass a difficult level.

The STMath website can be found by clicking here. Click on Jiji to begin.