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Patricia Meyer

Patricia L. Meyer
Deputy Superintendent
Ph: (562) 799-4700 ext. 80449
Fax: (562) 799-4711
Email: pmeyer@losal.org
Gail S. Dessert
Administrative Assistant II
(562) 799-4700 ext. 80449
Business Services supports the Los Alamitos Unified School District's mission and vision so that the highest quality educational experience can be provided to our students.  This support is exhibited by maximizing Los Al's fiscal resources, providing quality educational facilities, and maintaining schools to the highest standards possible.  Business Services is made up of the following departments whose broad span of responsibilities promote academic excellence, fiscal responsibility, and public accountability.
Within Business Services are the following departments:
The Facilities Department provides support in facilities oversight of modernization and/or physical improvements.
The Fiscal Services Department provides accounting, budget planning, review and analysis for the District.  Los Al's record of fiscal responsibility and rich program and service profile is the result of a combination of deliberate fiscal strategies.
The Food Services Department provides nutritious meals at lunch for our students and staff.  This Department offers a variety of items each day on the school menus, as well as additional items prepared for catering and special events.
The Information Technology Department provides the highest quality of technology services to our District and helps to facilitate and achieve District goals.  This department is responsible for supporting all computer, networking, and technology tools to enhance the delivery of curriculum, telecommunications, and reprographic requests by all school and office sites.  The Information Technology focus is on high-quality customer service, standards, and the meeting of student needs.
The Maintenance and Operations Department provides the planning and implementation of maintenance projects of Los Al, provides training and supervision for custodial work within the District, performs grounds upkeep, operates the warehouse, provides daily deliveries to each site, and provides planning and implementation of safety requirements for the District.
Transportation is provided to District pupils for a variety of programs throughout the District, including home-to-school, special education, field trips, and athletic events.  "Safety is our first concern!"
Together, Business Services' staff work to enhance the physical and technological infrastructure of the campuses, to conserve District resources while delivering quality services expeditiously, and to create circumstances and conditions in which people can do their best work.
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Elvia Galicia
Director - Fiscal Services
Ph: (562) 799-4700 ext. 80432
Fax: (562) 799-4715
John Eclevia
Director - Facilities, Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation
Ph: (562) 799-4592 ext. 81116
Fax: (562) 799-4599
John Spiratos
Director - Information Technology
Ph: (562) 799-4700 ext. 80443
Fax: (562) 799-4713
Celeste Calubaquib
Director - Food Services
Ph: (562) 799-4592 ext. 81118
Fax: (562) 799-4599