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    Ondrea Reed
    Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services
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Shari White
Administrative Assistant I
Assessment and Special Programs
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The Los Alamitos Unified School District utilizes multiple measures for assessing student attainment of standards, including:
  • Standardized Testing and Reporting Program (STAR)
  • District Benchmark Assessments (Reading/Language Arts, Writing, and Mathematics)
  • Program Achievement Assessment in Science (4-12) and History/Social Science (4-12)
  • California High School Exit Exam (required to receive a high school diploma)

Data from these multiple measures of assessment are aggregated to determine whether the Los Alamitos Unified School District standards have been met.

The District participates in the state STAR program which includes the administration of the California Standards Test which measures achievement of the California standards. Students in grades 2-11 are tested in the STAR program each spring. 

The currently identified standards in reading/language arts and mathematics are aligned with curriculum and instructional practices. Results of the above-listed assessments are reported annually to teachers, administration, and parents in the the annual School Accountability Report Card as well as the District Profile. The results of the STAR testing program are available on the California Department of Education's STAR website, http://star.cde.ca.gov.  In addition, the new Accountability Performance Index has been published and the results for Orange County schools are available from the state's website, http://api.cde.ca.gov.
Measures of student achievement are analyzed annually, including examples of student work scored on agreed-upon, districtwide criteria. Results of staff, student, parent, and community surveys are also compiled and analyzed. Each school staff, working with the School Site Council, generates improvement objectives and staff development activities which are aligned to implement the objectives.
Last Modified on October 12, 2016